Adobe Issues Emergency Update to Flash After Ransomware Attacks

Recently, Adobe Systems Inc. issued an emergency update to its Adobe Flash software after ransomware was discovered, exploiting a previously unknown security flaw. Adobe recommended updating the software for over 1 billion Flash users on Windows, Mac, Chrome and Linux computers.

According to, the ransomware, now being called “Cerber,” is a “zero-day” bug that encrypts data, locks up computers, and then demands payments to unlock each infected PC. Payments usually range from $200-$600 per PC. The bug is delivered through a “Magnitude Exploit Kit,” which automatically seeks and attacks computers of people who visit infected websites.

Adobe’s Flash update fixes the security flaw in order to protect against the Cerber threat. The use of this zero-day ransomware highlights the severity of the growing ransomware cyber security problem, which is disrupting many hospitals, police stations and school districts across the US and Europe.

If you have not done so already, please update your Adobe Flash software in order to protect your systems from harm.